Earnings Trades update

Most of my focus for new trades this week was on Earnings. Here are the newly added positions that survived to the weekend: $CP $IBM $PII $ORLY $BCR $CTXS $N

I wrote an update on Wednesday here. This is what was added since then that has survived to the weekend:

  • $ORLY  I am Long the November 160/165 Call Ratio with long stock at $165 (hedge). Options Net: $-.18
  • $BCR  I am Short the November 150/145 Strangle with long stock at 150 (hedge). Options Net: $6.50
  • $CTXS  I am Short the November 62.5 & 60 Puts (remaining pieces from a 65/62.5/60 Put Ratio). Options Net: $2.79
  • $N  I have a November 95/100/105/80 Risk Reversal Call Ratio with long stock at 101.72 (a tag along stock trade, could become a hedge). Options Net: $.35




Position Updates

A mild week for trading in the regular personal accounts (Swing, Long-term, IRA) with only 1 new trade and 2 exits: $TRV $LMT $SLXP. Adjustments this week: $UVXY $DVA. The focus continues to be on Earnings trades as we are in the heart of the season now.

50/50 Basket:

currently no positions ($APT & $LAKE were closed this week)

Submarine Basket:


Here is the Summary:


Earnings Trades update

I am still on vacation but have taken some time this week to do a few new Earnings trades. Here is the Summary of existing positions (including the newly added this week):

  • $JCP  I am long the January 2015 $10 Straddle and short the October 31w 10/9.5 Strangle. I am short stock (hedge) at $9 (as of 10/08). Options Net: -$.56
  • $DPZ  I am long stock at $78 with a November 85/85/75 Collar PS. Options Net:   -$1.40
  • $NFLX  I am long the October 24 weekly 340/355 Call Spread. Options Net/cushion: $17.38
  • $GOOGL I am long stock at $504.92 with an October 24 weekly $540 Collar (2/3 size left). Options Net/cushion: $22.36
  • $CP  I am long the November 200/210/220 Call Fly and short the $180 Puts. Options Net: $1.05
  • $IBM  I am short the November 07 weekly $165 Puts (remaining part of a Put Calendar). Options Net: $3.10
  • $VMW  I own the October 24 weekly 91/95/82 Risk Reversal Call Spread. Options Net/cushion: $2.90
  • $PII  I am long stock at $146.84 with a November 150/150/135 Collar Put Ratio (originally was 160/145/135). Options Net: $1.30