Everyone in the Pool

I have had the opportunity to be away from trading for a few days while in Tucson – poolside and playing golf (correction: attempting to play golf). I did however put in some time to review my Trading Journal for the partial week and noticed something about a pattern for my setups: I didn’t do anything different.

What? That’s right, I had the same preparation, scan runs, setup review, and process for building Stalk lists that I always use. Even though I knew I would have a shortened week for active trading, I made no adjustments in my process.

A key reason for doing this: I did not want to short cut anything in my process. I still filtered my setup lists. I still worked through the Risk Reward for each setup. I still worked hard at proper entry. And most importantly, I utilized stops once in a position.

And for those that asked, I did eventually get the white ball in the hole. Eventually. And no, I won’t disclose the score card results. LOL.

Happy trading this week.

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