The D watchlist

You may notice from time to time that I post comments on twitter regarding a particular watch list that I use. After a few requests for specifics, I thought I would  give more insight in to what these watch lists look like.

I have a simple label scheme for my watch lists using A-D with A being the strong, high volume stocks that everyone watches. The other watch lists contain stocks from specific sectors as well as stocks that provide tells for me on how the market is behaving.

For today, here is what my D watch list looks like:

I use this watch list for several things. First, I use XOM and MO as tells on risk appetite. When the both of them are RED (like today) money is flowing into riskier stocks. If you follow me you know I trade CF a LOT, and as you can see it is leading the pack today. Risk on. Secondly this list has several stocks within a sector so I can quickly gauge how it may be doing, and if any stock is diverging.



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