The Weekend Prep – a peek inside

Here is a look at one of my lists that I use during the weekend prep:

Symbol Timeframe Price Trade type Notes Status
FAS LT 68.64 Short The Reverse Split disease  
AEP ST 34.52 Long On the 40 Roll. Put Sale candidate  
AZPN Swing 18.25 Long On the 20 Roll L
CSTR ST 46.07 Short Failed to hold the 50d. h/t @Attitrade  
CYH ST 21.39 Long B/O watch over 21.5  
EXH ST 12.56 Long B/O watch over 12.75  
FE ST 45.45 Long B/O watch over 46  
GLNG Swing 40.9 Long B/O watch over 41.4 ; MS has a PT of 55  
KFY   17.42 R test R rejection or B/O move  
LRCX ST 44.88 Long B/O watch over 45.65  
MAT ST 29.06 Long B/O watch over 29.4  
NLC Swing 38.92 B/O 39 trigger L
NNN Swing 26.53 Long Right at the 50d L
OSK Swing 21.99 Long TL ^ L
RDC ST 35.59 Long TL test abv near 36  
SGEN n/a 16.52 n/a Stalking for now, 20d hold on the Monthly  
SWI ST 31 Long Strength; may turn in to a “to fade” candidate soon though  
TWI ST 22.46 Long B/O watch over 23.3 ; TL test abv as well  
UTIW ST 15.31 Long B/O watch over 15.4  
VLO ST 24.77 Short Failed to hold 200d, now testing 20d. S on the failure.  

I use this list as a Quick Reference for what I want to monitor in the coming week. This list is utilized over the course of the week, things added or removed, and then ultimately ends up in my Trading Journal after the week is over (scribbling included, lol).

Oh, and hang on folks, Options Expiration for November is upon us!

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