The Mad Scientist

It is in my nature to attempt to understand things at a deep level. I am the type to embrace new knowledge whether I agree or not. For those who follow me you may find it difficult at times to keep up with some of my postings as I throw something out that may be new to you. Don’t fret, just keep asking questions as I usually try to answer all that are sent my way.

One common question category seems to be in my use of a wide variety of indicators against a wide range of stocks (cheap to very expensive). It is true that I tend to play in a large sandbox – I will trade thin stocks from time to time – and feel comfortable with positions on the likes of PCLN as well. And everything in between.

I believe that it is imperative to arm yourself with as much perspective as possible – know what your “enemy” knows. This is why I venture into evaluating various indicators constantly, my Mad Scientist work. Want to know why APKT is so weak since the summer? See if this helps:

Don’t just work hard, work hard at working smarter. Find the indicators that work for your style, your approach, your Risk Management, etc.

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