Fab 5 – update

Just a brief update on where these stocks stand (will do a final update over the weekend).

The prices are current as of today trading and it appears that MCD (McDonalds) has a great shot at achieving the 100 Roll today. I am currently assessing available candidates for the recently vacated V (Visa) spot Рnow that it has achieved the 100 Roll.

The fact that V was removed does not mean that I do not like its prospects going forward. This was simply a trade approach for the 100 Roll – and that event has been achieved.

4 thoughts on “Fab 5 – update

  1. Hi Derald –

    Thanks for posting your Fab 5 updates!

    A question for ya. I am learning about options beyond buying calls and puts. On your strategy of covered calls. Are you selling these a month out or rather a longer term strategy on the equity has enough time to make the 100 roll?



  2. For the most part, I would sell the 100 call yes. The 105 strike call seems too far away to really gather any meaningful premium – unless your view is to hold past the 100 Roll event (mine is not, expect a p/b – then I revisit a new position).

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