2011 – the year in review

Some comments from my public stock & option trading journal review for 2011:

1) 328 trades total in all 4 accounts that I run (day trade, swing, long-term, and options)

2) Clearly a defined trend as there was a noticeable shift to more activity in the day trade account – toward that later part of the year. Hope to get back to more swing trading in 2012.

3) Was increasingly harder to hold positions in the long-term account. This account is over 50% cash to end the year with only 5 positions (3 long and 2 short).

4) Large increase in Risk Reversal option trades over prior years.

5) Focus on using tighter stops in most situations allowed for retaining a larger % of the gains (but also contributes to the increase in the number of trades as I often would re-enter on pullbacks).

6) Continue to hone the U-turn trade strategy but admittedly have a great deal more work to do in this area.

7) Introduction of a few simple trading methods using just RSI or Accumulation/Distribution on the 5 minute chart have greatly improved the entry and exits of trades.

8) A determined effort to increase the theme and pairs trade setups. I expect to further expand this in 2012.

9) A noticeable increase in short positions taken versus prior years.

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