Trade Updates

I receive frequent questions regarding trades that I post on twitter or my blog so I thought I would provide an update on some open positions that may be of interest – or if I see a good exit point approaching.

1) QCOR Jan 34 PUT sold for 1.15 current bid/ask 1.60/180

2) APKT Jan 25 PUT sold for 1.10 current bid/ask .10/.20

3) SPRD Jan 14 PUT sold for .80 current bid/ask .05/.15 (3/4 pos left)

4) Pairs Trade: Long URBN & Short $CROX trade put on at 23.50 & 17.5 respectively. Current price is 24.56 & 18.22 (just a mean reversion trade, and I won CROX in my LT account).

The Put sale trades 1-3 I plan to hold through expiration next week. I may close the APKT trade if I can buy back at .05c to free up margin.

13 thoughts on “Trade Updates

  1. I’d like to say thank you for your update today when I asked if you still were holding URBN and the time and effort you share. You have an incredible amount of followers and I really appreciate you responding. Thank you.

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