Using the Finviz screener

One of the common tools I use for scanning stocks is on the Finviz web site. When I am looking for stocks showing strength, I run the following scan:,sh_curvol_o300,ta_highlow52w_b0to3h,ta_sma200_pa&ft=3&o=price

The above scan looks for stocks that are within 3% of a 52-week high with a few other filters applied. If you run it today, you get 197 results. I have selected the Price column to sort the list and here are the top 20 results:

The tab bar across the top allows you to choose different criteria to display so if you are looking to just view the Charts – then click accordingly. One of the stocks that is testing a key level ($10 price) is INWK (InnerWorkings Inc.). Here is a current Daily chart:

Take a look around to see what you like for the coming week. And remember, it is OpEx (Options Expiration) this Friday, January 21 2012 – strap in and hold on tight.


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