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From time to time I will post an excerpt from my prep worksheet showing some of the current positions as well as some that I am looking at for the coming week. I provide a little info on what I am thinking with the setup:

10 thoughts on “Trade Ideas

  1. Derald –

    Thanks for posting. These are helpful. They offer insight and organisation around a trade plan. I wanted to ask you if you could a share a trade strategy on $APPL. I am thinking about taking on a straddle into earnings. However, I would welcome any additional insight you might have.



  2. I am not a fan of a straddle trade into AAPL earnings do to the high cost of such a trade. If you have no clear bias, and can’t make a directional bet, it would be a pass for me.

  3. Derald –

    On your PUT plays. I noticed in your comments you are stating it is a bullish play. It looks like you are selling the PUT to collect the premium. Am I reading this correct?



  4. Derald –

    Yes… looked at the cost of those straddles… yikes… Thanks for the insight!


  5. That is correct. To sell a PUT, hence go Short the PUT, you are in fact making a Bullish bet on the stock. Collect the premium is one component of the trade. I often use the premium to put on a Bull R/R (Risk Reversal) – buy an upside CALL.

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