Trading BVSN (Broadvision Inc.)

One of the trade setups this week in my “to fade” category was BVSN (Broadvision Inc.). What I use as guide for entry on the short position is the Accumulation/Distribution indicator on a 5 minute chart. Here is what a recent chart looks like with the noted pivots that I traded:

I am currently looking for a 2nd trip short today as it bangs on this 37 price level. The 1st short position was stopped earlier on the dip near 33 (2% trail stop).

6 thoughts on “Trading BVSN (Broadvision Inc.)

  1. Might I ask which broker are you using? There have not been any shares available for short through Interactive Brokers this whole parade.

  2. I have a Broker that I can call when I am interested in hard to borrow shares – albeit at a hefty price.

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