February 2012

I make the effort after each month has closed to do a review of my trades made during the month. One of the goals of the review is to look for patterns that emerge in my process, and of course to find areas to improve. There always are, lol.

For 2012 so far, I remain bullish overall. I continue to utilize a variety of strategies that are stock and/or situation specific. Here is a brief summary from the review:

  • A reduction in the # of trades yoy.
  • An increase in the use of out month options in trade setups.
  • An increase in experimentation with alternative exits on a few option trades where the opportunity to boost profits existed.
  • I remain highly devoted to being opportunistic in my intraday trading, long or short, and find that this achieves the greatest return when viewed from the perspective of Time Value.
  • The Fab 5 basket of stocks continues to be a worthwhile effort in focusing on the 100 Roll concept.
  • The various stocks that I use as “tells” for what Mr Market wants to do continue to be reliable.


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