IBM and Smart Cities

There is little doubt that I am quite bullish on IBM (International Business Machines). Their continued dedication to expanding the applications for “Watson” are just one area that should excite investors. Here is a recent article (translated for you) on the experimentation of predicting traffic.

From Greenpeace Magazin:

IBM “Watson” team is to predict traffic jams in Germany
Hanover (AP) – The team that the IBM supercomputer “Watson” a year ago, the U.S. game show classics “Jeopardy” has led to the defeat of two human champions, has developed a system for the prediction of traffic congestion on German motorways. In a first experiment, the “IBM Traffic Prediction Tool” with data from inductive loop of the A8, A9 and A99 was fed. It could be predicted with a probability of more than 95 percent, whether created in the next half hour, a traffic jam or traffic will continue to run smoothly, IBM said on Monday at a press conference at the CeBIT computer fair in Hanover. With a forecast for the next two hours, the accuracy of the “IBM Traffic Prediction Tools” after all, was still over 85 percent.

In the laboratory experiment, according to IBM supplied the Bavarian Road Administration, the traffic data. The project was an example of how technology could be used by IBM for an intelligent traffic control.

IBM-Germany boss Martin Koederitz said at CeBIT, one of the fundamental needs of people today in addition to air, food, security and social relationships and mobility. In the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo it go in the project “Smart Cities” all about, despite the huge mega-jams to arrive at all. “The issues in Europe and Germany are concerned rather with the question of how to drive can be controlled environmentally and resource friendly.”

Koederitz admitted that the financing of large infrastructural improvements within the meaning of “Smart Cities” in part, is unclear. She pointed to a study by Booz & Company, which cities would have converted the world into the next 30 years, over 350 trillion dollars in maintenance, modernization, development and utilization of their infrastructure investments. “This is more than six times the global gross domestic product.». The greatest progress awaits the Director IBM Germany in the renewal of energy networks. “The energy revolution is a done deal” here must be used to link old and new types of energy generation, a smart management.

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