March Trading review

I take the time each month to review my trading efforts in hopes of finding areas for improvement as well as trends that may be developing (i.e. habits, trends, etc.).

For the month of March 2012, here are the notable take aways:

  • 14 unprofitable trades. From a % standpoint, very much in-line with the prior 12 month average¬†performance.
  • A big improvement in returns for earnings related trades. This is in large part to the hedging efforts on some of the trades. I will note here that this is also due in part to an adjustment on how a trade is recorded – where a hedge position is added (the “still one trade” perspective).
  • The Fab 5 basket of stocks continues to perform well.
  • I only had 1 long-term account position called away (IBM with weekly options sold against) which I had to rebuild the following week.
  • I traded fewer current month option contracts for March expiration than the prior 6 month period on a % basis. The adjustment was to move to out month contracts instead, more calendar option contracts, etc.
  • Finally, I have continued to hone a few different exit strategies for option trades that have provided some promising results.

I keep a Trading Journal so that I can make notes on what I see in the market, what I learned from each trade, things I want to remember about a particular trade, etc. I believe that it is well worth the effort and will help keep you focused.

Trade ’em well.


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