Flying Tractors

Yesterday, April 3 2012, was a wild day for me personally. A major storm came through the Dallas/Fort Worth area with tornadoes being a part of the arsenal. Fortunately my family and friends that live throughout the area were unharmed and had no damage.

I feel lucky and so very fortunate today given that the Flying Tractors that most of you have seen pictures and videos of occurred just 10 miles from my home. I have had the chance to be involved with some of the efforts yesterday and this morning to begin the process of cleanup, help those that are displaced or in need of help in some way, as well as the fund-raising efforts by several organizations in the area.

As I watch, it is a nice reminder of the human spirit to help others in time of need. I am proud of my community today, those that are on the ground doing tasks as well as those that are helping from remote areas.

I thank you.

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