The Fab 5 update

This week was very active in this basket of stocks. Here are the highlights:

  • $ORLY puts in a bronco busting earnings day but completes the $100 Roll with some gusto.
  • I sold the $PPG position (the $100 Roll had been completed but was leaving it in with a tight stop. It is extended here so seemed prudent).
  • I am giving $LMT a second shot in the same week after the 1st attempt was stopped out.
  • I have put $ULTA back in now that it appears to be starting a recovery (was removed earlier in the week, replaced by $AGN).


Rather thin candidate list remains:

PVH 90.06 4/27/2012
ALXN 90.56 4/27/2012
MCK 91.05 4/27/2012
SXCI 91.71 4/27/2012
AAP 92.37 4/27/2012
CL 98.38 4/27/2012
UA 98.89 4/27/2012

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