The stages of a trade, and the one that REALLY matters

There are several important stages in a trade, some that include nuances to it that are particular to each trader. Here are just some of the stages:

  • Stock scans to identify new stocks that are setting up
  • Trade preparation that includes things like: are there catalysts around the corner, what is the short interest, how is volume recently, etc.
  • Do I want to trade the stock and/or options?

However, there are several key moments where all traders have to answer one simple question: trigger, or not? If you are going to trigger, what trade do you put on?

I wanted to share an example today in my trade of $GOOG where I was put in that position, stock price hits my trigger, but I had given myself too many choices:

  • go long the stock on a $600 hold
  • initiate a Bull Risk Reversal using the May 580 Put and 610 Call
  • Sell the May 580 Put
  • Buy the 600 Call
  • Buy the 600/610 Call Spread

Yikes! Decision overload. I ultimately elected to go long the May 4 weekly Call for 8.30 – this is what I was watching for this option strike:

The trade entry stage is certainly a KEY point, so don’t give yourself the added pressure of having too many choices once you are at the trigger.

Keep it simple.


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