Earnings trade updates

I receive questions every day from followers regarding various trade messages that I post on twitter. The one thing that I have come to realize is so often the specifics of the trade is lost, especially as time moves from week to week. No one remembers an entry posted 3 weeks ago so it is confusing at times to see a message about an option sale – folks are not sure if it is a closing position or a short of the option.

With that in mind, I thought I would post a list here of my current Earnings Trades that are still on (including partial pieces that are open):


  • Long the May 48 Call
  • Short the June 52.50 Call & 40 Put
  • The specifics: this trade was put on 4/30/2012 for a credit of $1.05


  • 4/24/2012 L May 85 Call S June 90 Call & 70 Put
  • 3.20/2.40/1.20 0.3
  • The specifics: this is a long position for the May 85 call and a short of the June 90 call & 70 Put. This info on the bullet above is the price for each option with the final # being the net credit of the trade.
  • I currently have an order in to buy back the short 70 Put for .25c

Next is $FIRE

  • 4/30/2012
  • June 55/60 CS S 40/35 PS  -0.6
  • The specifics: long the June 55/60 call spread & short the June 40/35 put spread for a net debit of -.60 cents.
  • BtC 40/35 PS for .20c (Buy to Close the short put spread)
  • StC June 55 Call at 5.60 (Sell to Close the 55 Call)
  • BtO May 60 Call at 1.44 (Buy to Open the May 60 Call, to protect the remaining short June 60 Call – creating a May/June 60 call calendar)

Now on to $MCK

  • 4/30/2012
  • May/June 95 Call Calendar
  • Net debit of -.55c

Finally there is $GRMN

  • May 48/50 CS S June 44 Put
  • 1.55/.83/.94
  • The specifics: long the May 48/50 call spread & short the June 44 Put for a net credit of .22c
  • BtC June 44 Put .25 (Buy to Close the June 44 Put)
  • StC May 48 Call at 2.00 (Sold to Close the May 48 Call, remain short the 50 Call for now)

I am putting on an earnings trade today for $V and will post once I get a fill on the order.


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