The Outsized move starring the Milk Man

The definition of Outsize courtesy of Merriam-Webster:

One of the types of “opportunities” that I look for in the public stock market is the outsized move in price. There are many ways to measure for this, but for the sake of this post the focus is on price as it relates to the Bollinger Bands. In the case of $ADY (Feihe Intl) I had noticed a very outsized move outside the upper Bollinger Band on the Daily chart yesterday evening:

This looked like a great candidate to play for a move back inside and stated such on twitter:
The stock did make its way back inside the upper Bollinger Band where I covered the short position.

2 thoughts on “The Outsized move starring the Milk Man

  1. nice call man, u were dead right i remain long tho given huge dragon yr tailwinds this yr in china – plus at single digit PE, the mkt is giving these guys a big haircut simply b/c ppl wary abt all china stocks given blowup last yr ie SINO. They could do a $1 in EPS this yr so at worst case 8x PE, i think can rebound. I expect ROTH CAPITAL on west coast to raise EPS if they havent already

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