The Fab 5 update

This week all but 1 of the members held up to the selling pressure well. The lone exception – $DEO – fell under the 100 mark (not by much) but it has completed the $100 Roll already. I will look to sell the May 100 Put this week (from a 105/100 Collar) as this option will expire on Friday. If price can not retake the $100 level, I will also exit the position to protect any gains. I may consider a new collar for June as well.

The newest member is $SXCI. Last week I mentioned that I would look to enter on Monday, but waited until Tuesday for it to stabilize. It has put in a very solid week after holding the 20 day moving average. I have included a Daily chart here to show the key elements to entering the stock:

The Volume at Price (VaP) is VERY significant at these prices, but the Stochastics cross up move was the tell for entry.


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