The Stochastics “cross up” trigger

At times you may see me put out a twitter message that includes the “x^” notation and you wonder – what on earth is that. I keep a Glossary of Terms on this blog (tab at the top) so feel free to peruse that list to get up to speed on the Muniz language.

So what does this really mean? The “x^” notation is just short hand for “cross up”, and I usually use this where I see potential for the Stochastics to cross up – a bullish trigger signal.

To illustrate, I bring you the lovely Daily chart of $TRIP (TripAdvisor):

As you can see by the RED arrow, the fast line has done an about-face, bounced, and is approaching the slow line – thus creating the potential for a “x^” trigger. Of course that candle so far today is quite lovely too, a strong stock all around.

Side note here: If you have a stock that is not up today, carefully evaluate why you continue to hold it.

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