The Fab 5 – back in action

After a brief hiatus, I have assembled a new team for the Fab 5 basket of stocks. These positions were built over 2 days (thursday, friday). I posted yesterday on my twitter feed what the new members were and without further ado, here are the details:

It looks to be a solid finish to the week for all members. It is worth noting that $UA really finished strong and is into day #1 of the roll already. I have $ULTA waiting in the wings as the next candidate.

3 thoughts on “The Fab 5 – back in action

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  2. I dont understand how to set this trade up? What are the by and sell points

  3. The Fab 5 is a basket of stocks for the $100 Roll. The entries are posted. This is my approach so it is best for you to craft an approach that works best for your style of trading – with your rules.

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