The importance of Flag Day

Today is June 14, 2012 and for this we celebrate Flag Day in the U.S.

More importantly to my wife however is the fact that this is the day we celebrate our Anniversary. This Flag Day is quite a bit more special though as it marks our 25th.

That’s right, the Big Two Five. My wife and I are on the 1/4 100 Roll.

We are in the midst of a 2 week celebration within our family as her parents are also celebrating their 50th Anniversary.

Or maybe we just like celebrating (leaning this way, lol). The festivities end on Saturday with a large family dinner where we all (hopefully) get along for one night to celebrate these accomplishments.

Here is to all you that celebrate your 25th, and 50th, Anniversary this year. To a job well done.

Love you Paige.


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