June option expiration

Coming into today for June option expiration, I have a smaller number of trades remaining than normal. I am not sure that there is anything good or bad to glean from a review – it seems that the June trades just gave me good exit opportunities without the need for expiration (to keep premium, or most of it).

Here is what remains:

Earnings Trades

  • Long the June 46/48 Call Spread in $PAY (trade was not profitable, risk defined to premium paid).
  • Short the June 9 Put in $ZAGG (keep all the premium)

Regular Option trades (either alone, or tied to stock)

  • Short the June 9 Put in $PBY (keep all the premium)
  • Long the June 59 Call in $SPXU (part of Call Calendar with Short July 65). This was done for a credit so now need to manage risk for July short call.
  • Short the June 44 Put and 48 Call on $SUN (see Blog post for more details) will expire leaving the Long July 44 Put and 48 Call.

Fab 5 Collars

These have all been moved to July, except for $SXCI (need better volume on the $PUT side).

Long Term account

I have Calls sold against my $AIG $T positions that will expire (thus keep the premium as added income).






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