The Fab 5 update

The end of the month/quarter action was intense this week, and the Fab 5 basket of stocks was right in the middle of it all. Here is a summary of what occurred:

  • I came into the week was just 3 positions and so I was looking to fill out the basket by adding 2 positions.
  • On Tuesday, June 26 2012, I finally had a good day to consider adding and ultimately chose $ALXN & $DVA (1/2 pos to start). In addition, I put $COST on as a 6th man as it looked promising as well. On 6/28/2012 I was able to finish out the $ALXN position. The $DVA position remains at 1/2.
  • $EW did complete the $100 Roll and is left in since it has a July collar in place. Letting it ride.
  • $COST was added on 6/28/2012 as a 6th man entry
  • $SXCI was so close on Friday to completing the $100 Roll but gave up into the close. The 1% trail stop that I had set earlier in the day was set incorrectly and did hit – this position was sold at 99.30 (that’s what I get for my Kazoo comment on twitter, lol). Will look to re-enter.

Here is the summary of the Fab 5 with Rules:


3 thoughts on “The Fab 5 update

  1. More curious than anything, but do you consider a half position 50 shares and a full position 100 shares, or do you typically have positions much larger than this? I’m assuming the latter…lol

  2. I make a point to note the position size to show that I want to ease in or out of a position. The actual # of shares will be different for each trader given their capital.

  3. Roger that…i’m just now getting into the capital range where i can buy 100 shares….really enjoying the security of different put/call scenarios to protect my positions. ¬†Thanks again for your input

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