The Fab 5 – update

Coming into this week I had one member that had already completed the $100 Roll ($EW) – and had left it in to see if it could achieve any more gains. $ALXN was on the verge and did in fact complete the roll – it was the only member to do so this week.

At the conclusion to this week, all positions survived their trail stops except for $EW (hit on Friday at 103.15 so this position is closed). I will decide on a new replacement member this weekend and have a candidate list at the end of this post.

Here is the summary:

The Fab 5 candidate list:

Some performance info on the Fab 5:

  • 16 positions have completed the $100 Roll since inception (October 2011)
  • Average gain up to this point is $13.41
  • Largest gain was $23.85 ($EL)
  • Smallest gain was 2.85 ($DLTR)
  • 17 positions have the “not complete” status (some stocks are repeat members so not all positions are unique). These positions have an average gain of $2.04


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