Using RSI – the series

Here is a 15 minute chart of $COST showing a clean RSI buy signal yest, and a clean sell signal today:

For those that prefer a very simple approach, give this a try for a future entry in stocks that you follow.

Disclosure: no position. A Fab 5 candidate.

4 thoughts on “Using RSI – the series

  1. I don’t follow.  What about the several other times the RSI hit bottom?  These would not have been good buy points.  Sorry.  Not clear to me.

  2. I have posted an updated 15 minute chart for $COST this morning showing (in Blue) the other RSI signals that you could of used. Each signal worked fine if you held until the next signal or let an appropriate STOP hit.

  3. My chart is set to RSI(14) and shows a 4 day view, or a 10 day view depending on whether it is a 5 minute or a 15 minute.

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