Trade Updates

Here is an update on some of my current positions:

Earnings Trades still in play (most are just pieces of a trade that are left):

$BIDU Long the August 95 Put (likely goes poof next Friday, August expiration)

$CMG Long the August 420 Call (uh, gonna go poof next Friday)

$EXPE Long the August 43 Put (don’t see getting any value for this by next Friday)

$CRUS Long the August/September 22/23 Call Diagonal Calendar. Will look to unwind the Long August 23 Call piece next week.

$FOSL Bear 95 strike Risk Reversal for September. This trade has potential for +$10 in profit but there is a lot of time left for it to work.

$PCLN long stock at 617.85 (a 1/4 position). I also have a short August 10 weekly 565 Put at 3.70 on for today (expiration is today) and look to work it to keep all the premium collected.

$JCP long stock (1/3 pos left). August 10w/Aug 18m 25/24 Collar on for a net of $.34 cents. I expect the short August 10w 25 Call (covered call) to expire today and keep all premium collected. This will leave me with the balance of the long stock position and long the August 24 Put.

Long Term account:

  • Long: $AIG $RNF $T (with some Options attached to these, mainly Covered Call)
  • Short: $FB (Bear 21/19 Collar for August)

Swing account:

  • $ALXN Long the August 105 Put
  • $BBY Long the August/September 20/17 Put Diagonal Calendar
  • $TFM Long the stock with an August 60 Collar
  • $TRIP Long the stock with a Long August 45 Put

Daytrade account:

$UA Long the stock with an August 55 Collar

Option account (non-earnings):

$MELI September 95/90 Bear Risk Reversal. This trade took some patience in waiting to put on, but so far is looking great.



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