The Fab 5 update

I came in to this past week with 3 positions in the Fab 5: $ATHN $DVA $LMCA and was looking to fill the remaining open 2 slots. I did enter a position in $COST (selling the August 95 Put for $.68 on 8/9/2012, this is a 1/2 position so far) but was not able to find a satisfactory candidate for slot #5.

Later that same day, August 8th, I had a trail stop hit on the long position in $ATHN at $95.01 and thus it goes into the “Not Complete” status. This was for a -$.69 loss.

On the positive side of things, the $LMCA position did officially complete the $100 Roll making it #18 with a “Complete” status. I will leave the position in for now and will look to add a September Collar very soon.

There are 2 open slots to fill.

Here is the Summary:

The top candidates going into next week are: $AGU $MDVN $PM $ULTI

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