The Fab 5 – update

While I was on vacation I limited my trading activities thus there was not much work done with the existing Fab 5 positions or filling in the empty slot(s). As I have returned this week, I am easing back into evaluating the existing positions as well as making an effort to evaluate the current candidate list.

The $AGU position did hit a stop on August 29 so that decision was made for me. On August 31, I made the decision to sell the balance of the $LMCA position as it was stalling and I could not easily put on an Options Collar for September (really poor volume). That position had already completed the $100 Roll however and was left in to capture additional gains if possible.

Here is a summary of where the Fab 5 stands now:

Since inception, there have been 18 positions to complete the goal and 26 positions have the “not complete” status.

Here are some current candidates:








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