The Fab 5 – update

I came in to this holiday-shortened week with just 2 positions in the Fab 5: $COST & $DVA. I had a very decent candidate list but was never comfortable with an entry given the potential market news catalysts that were expected (ECB & NFP).

Here is a summary of the action:

  • $COST does take several good stabs at the $100 level but comes up just short. This trade is a September 95/100 Call Spread so I have 2 weeks to get the maximum value of it before expiration.
  • $DVA did complete the $100 Roll with 3 closes in a row above the $100 level. This brings the total with a Complete status to 19 since inception (October 2011). On September 9/5 I put on a September 105/100 Collar for a $.40 debit — so the position has protection for the next two weeks with a cap at $104.60.


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