The Fab 5 – update

A good solid week for the Fab 5 and a nice end for $DVA as it becomes the 19th position to get the “Complete” status since inception. I end the week with the following 4 positions in the basket: $COST $MTB $PVH $RGLD.

The position in $RGLD was the big winner for week moving up $4.5 from entry. $MTB ends the week with a pin to 95 and a solid performer as well. $PVH was under selling pressure, but the October 95 Collar helps to alleviate the move of price under entry. The position in $COST took the most work as I was holding a September 95/100 Call Spread. This is where it stands now:

  • exercised the September 95 Call; BtC 100 Call for 3.30 (this is the Call I was short from the Call Spread). I then put on a new October 105/100 Collar for $.30 credit (1.07/.77). This new Collar caps the gain at 105.40 and protects on any move under 100. I am now long the stock after the 95 Call exercise.
  • The $COST position has a Complete status but I am leaving in the basket for now to see how much more of a move it can obtain now that the $100 Roll is complete.

Here is a complete summary:

I have one open slot so will be looking to fill that slot in the coming week. Here is a current candidate list:

  • $MON
  • $AGN
  • $LH (nice looking Flag)
  • $FMX
  • $TWC
  • $CTRX (would be making a rule exception)
  • $TSCO (would be making a rule exception)

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