The Fab 5 – update

I hit a milestone this week in the Fab 5 strategy with the 20th position to achieve the “complete” status in the program: $COST.

The $RGLD position briefly took a peek above the key $100 level on Friday but closed just below it, narrowly missing on a Day #1 of the Roll. It had a big move up to end the week after a pullback earlier in the week. I added 2 new positions this week as the slots opened up. They are $MON and $LH.

Here is the Summary:

Here are some stats from the Fab 5 up to this point (since inception in October 2011):

  • 20 in the “complete” status with an average gain of $12.06
  • 26 in the “not complete” status with an average gain of $2.94

A list of potential candidates (courtesy of Finviz):,ATHN,CNI,CMI,CTRX,CXO,FMX,LH,LMT,MCK,MMM,NBL,NKE,PM,TSCO,TWC,ULTA,VMW,WFM


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