Using a Mapp to get Perspective

Since the subject of Maps has been all over the news recently, I thought it would be relevant to do a post on Perspective with $MAPP as the subject. This is one of the stocks that I am stalking and continues to look good (tried a little B/O on Friday to end the quarter, investors didn’t mind owning it into quarter end).

Let’s take a look a few different views on the Daily chart. First, a traditional candlestick chart with a few of the normal moving averages listed – and a channel that has formed:

As you can see, the 50 & 200 Simple Moving Averages have become embedded and are tracking side by side. It sure does look ready for a nice Breakout to test the 16.5 level above.

Now let’s change out the lens on the camera for an entirely different view. No moving averages, just a Pitchfork:

Does this enhance the perspective or does it take things back out of focus? Since mid-August price has been moving up with the rising TL of the fork as a guide (just a few dips below, quick recovery).

Now for a final view, I bring you the Point ‘n Figure chart:

This helps to confirm the Bullish perspective with a Double Top Breakout on 9/14 and a current Price Objective of 20.

Turn by Turn directions. excellent.

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