Perspective, the many faces of Infosys

Let’s take a look at several different charts of $INFY to see how they align with your bias (or not). The first chart below is an Area chart showing a rising Trend Line (TL) that has been tested a few time but rejected so far:

The chart above is a Weekly chart showing a Declining Trend Line that has been following the 65 day moving average down for quite a while. There is a significant Volume at Price bar at this price level.

Now for a look at a different Daily chart:

As you can see in this normal candlestick chart above, price has performed a back-test of the recent Breakout and is trying to hold this level – the 200 day moving average is right here as well so a LOT going on, a key point here.

Let’s see what the Monthly time-frame shows us, a look at what the more long-term investors are seeing:

Looks like price if finding resistance at the 50% retracement of the 2008 to 2010 move.

Obviously it is very important to know your time-frame for any trade you have on in a stock. It is equally important to do the work to understand what the other perspectives are – some shorter than yours, some longer.

Have a good week.

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