Earnings Trades update

From time to time I like to put a quick post together on existing earnings trades that I have on. You can view this as a Trading Journal for these, a place I can list the trades and my thoughts around how they play out, scenarios, etc.

October Expiration

$PIR  I am short a 17/21 strangle (remaining pieces of trade) and this looks to expire allowing me to keep all the premium collected. I had owned the 20 Call which I sold back in September after the earnings event.

$RHT I am long the 60 Call (remaining piece of trade) and this does not look promising to get near ITM by expiration. The short 50 Put and short 62.5 Call have been closed out already (other parts to Risk Reversal).

November Expiration

$FDO  I am short the 72.5 Call (remaining piece of trade). This Call is currently OTM with the plan being to keep the premium collected or buy back if near $.25 or less. This was part of a R/R trade involving the 70 Call and 60 Put – both pieces have been closed out already.

$STZ  I have all pieces remaining from this trade. I am short the 32.5 Put and long the 35/37.5 Call Spread. With the 2% move today, the call spread currently has $1.10 in value in it.

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