A Micro look at Microsoft

I don’t look at the chart often for $MSFT as I am just not a believer in the legacy software/tech space. However, I know that many investors like the company and the PC software dominance it enjoys.

So what does the chart show us? Here is a look a the Daily:

This is a 100-day chart and when we break it down, this is what I see:

  • A trend line break this week
  • The MACD has made a new low ahead of Price
  • A significant number of RED volume bars on this drift down from the highs above the $31 level in September
  • It is now within 3% of the lows from early May
  • Well under the 20 SMA now

Do bargain hunters show up now? Is it better risk/reward to enter a new long here?

As @daytrend often says, your money you decide.

5 thoughts on “A Micro look at Microsoft

  1. Yup, I’m in. Love the dividand and growth prospects. People don’t understand the whole point of Windows 8 is to expand into tables and phones. MSFT is also expanding into hardware. I like.

  2. Consider this though. They have had little success in the phone & tablet market. As have many other vendors. How will they get it done this time?

  3. They have had little success in the tablet/phone market because they aren’t in it. (Windows Phone was basicly a BETA) The other vendors (HPQ, DELL) had no success because the tablets they launched had no suitable Microsoft OS.
    Once tablets come equipped with Windows 8 OS, the market share DELL/HP lost in PC’s will pick back up with tablets.

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