October Expiration

I did a post last week on my earnings trades here where I included October option trades that I needed to deal with. Here is an update:

  • $PIR no change in status
  • $RHT the Call I own certainly goes poof on expiration
  • New: $FTNT short October 20 Put holding hands with some long stock. I am ok if Put the stock at expiration.
  • New: $MLNX I am short the stock, from post-earnings (after hours on 10/17) and have initiated an Oct 80/85 Bear Collar as of today. At the moment, this trade looks capped given the current price near $76

Non-earnings trades with October options that remain:

$CAT I am long the stock with an October 85 Covered Call. This position is likely called away at expiration, gain is capped.

$HAIN I own an Oct/Nov 55 Put Calendar so the long October 55 Put likely expires worthless as price is currently just under $60. The short November 55 Put would remain.

$LULU I am long a 1/3 position of stock with an October 75/72.5/70 Collar. This means I am short the 75 Call and long the 72.5/70 Put Spread. If price stays under $75 and above $72.5 at expiration, these options pieces go poof.

$UA I am long the stock with an October 57.5 covered call. The gain is currently capped, with price currently at $59, so the stock is likely called away at expiration.

$EGHT I am short the October 7.5 Call and expect this to expire, thus keeping all the premium collected.

$T I am long the stock in my Long Term account with an October 38 covered call. I expect this to expire. The Put from the original collar was sold earlier this week.

$AAPL I own a 3/4 position in my IRA with an October 650/640 Collar. The Put side is currently in the money (ITM) but will see how things look Friday afternoon before addressing this.


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  1. Derald, I only recently found you and I would just like to say how much I appreciate the detail and effort you put into your blog. As a n00b, it is great to have you as a resource.

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