A Case study on Perspective using Linkedin

While doing some chart review this morning, I noticed a very interesting Trend Line on the Daily chart for $LNKD and thought I would do some mad scientist work to see how many other perspectives either verified this view, were contrary, or highlighted a unique data point:

As you can see above, price made 2 stabs below the TL, closing right on it on Friday, October 19. Now for another perspective, a Daily chart with Fibonacci turned on:

Wow is all I can say. Price is squatting right on the 50% retracement.

Let’s take a look at one more, just to shake things up. Here is a Daily chart with the Fibonacci Circle turned on:

2 thoughts on “A Case study on Perspective using Linkedin

  1. Nice. I threw a fib fan on for grins. Earnings Nov 1. Last earnings gap not yet filled.

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