The Fab 5 – weekly update

This week was volatile for the market and I never really got comfortable with filling the 1 empty slot. In addition, I lost the $NKE position early in the week to a trail stop hit (10/23)  as it continued to be too weak to gain any momentum. I now have 2 empty slots to fill but will be cautious in initiating any new positions until after the November election has passed (and the market has reacted to the result).

The option components to the Fab 5 positions continue to be invaluable. Case in point, the $PVH position was the poorest performer falling further below the entry. The November 100/95 Collar is offsetting the weakness (as it is supposed to) so I am leaving the position alone for now as we head into November. I may consider buying back the short November 100 Call this coming week as it is cheap here.

The other two positions – $MTB & $TWC – continue to hold up well with Time Warner once again making a healthy stab at the $100 Roll. $MTB has already completed the process as noted last week.

Here is the Summary:

Performance info:

  • Complete status remains at 21
  • Average gain of $12.06
  • Not Complete status is now at 31
  • Average gain of $2.99

Candidate List:

  • $AGN
  • $COO
  • $LMT
  • $NBL
  • $WFM

* Several are in pullbacks that I am keeping an eye on:

  • $FMX
  • $NKE
  • $TSCO
  • $ULTA


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