October trading review

I try to make it a habit to review my trading for each month, looking for any areas where I can make an improvement. I also like to take a deeper look at some trades – especially where I had to do additional work to make it profitable (example, scaled in a little too early).

I come into November with a lower than normal # of positions but just about an average level of cash across my accounts. Here is a look at some of the open positions:

Earnings Trades

$CMG I covered the balance of the short position and I am left with a short 230 Put & long 240 Call for November (was a Bear Collar, now a normal Risk Reversal trade).

$VFC This was one of the trades that I took a deeper look at as I have had to do some work on the option side to build a cushion and protect against more downside. I am long the stock at an avg of 161.98, I am long the November 155/150 Put Spread, and I am short the November 160 Call (covered call). With the prior option activity, I have a $5.3 cushion including the sold upside calls. Whew.

$COH I am short the 52.5 Put for November

$NFX I am short the November 27 Put (1/3 pos) and the 26 Put (1/3 pos)

$UA I am short the November 60 Call, long the December 60 Call, and short the December 47.5 Put

$SWI I am short the November 42.5 Put

$V I am short the November 2 weekly 145 Call, long the stock at 142.65 (hedge, hod break), and short the November 130 Put (want to buy back for a dime)

New Earnings Trades:

$CRUS I am short the November 33 Put (1/3 position) and long a 1/3 position at 35.5

IRA positions:

$AAPL I am long a 3/4 position with the November 610/600 Collar

$DVA I am long with a short November 115 Call (covered call)

$EWW ole’

$SYY I am long and like the dividend too

Swing Positions:

$MNST I am short the November 45 straddle and long the January 45 straddle. Expect this to be a monster trade, booyah.

$TFM I am short the December 50 Put

Fab 5 positions:

  • $COO (new this week)
  • $MTB
  • $NKE (new this week)
  • $PVH
  • $TWC



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