Prep work & getting organized

I am sure that we all have a lot of common steps we take in prepping for the upcoming week. It is likely there is a lot of pen/pencil/paper work performed as each of us work through the trade setups we want to review, hone down the list, etc.

One step I take is to finalize the list in a brief spreadsheet so that I can do quick sorting, etc. Here is a sample:

Hope your weekend prep is going well and remember this: no matter what your system is, it will only work well if you are prepared and organized.

2 thoughts on “Prep work & getting organized

  1. Derald, thanks alot for this, it possibly solves an issue I have with my watchlist. I run two watchlists, one for short, and one for long, but both are just a list of market scans with my notes attached – I don’t ‘watch’ any stocks from either list. So this final list helps me with that, and my reasoning. Thanks!

  2. One additional thing I will add here is I use Price Alerts on positions that I want to stalk – let the computer do some work for me. LoL

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