Position Updates

Note: changes from last week are in italics

On the Long side:

  • $BRCM December 32 Call
  • $CRUS (& short the Dec 31 Call against so a Covered Call)
  • $MNST L January 45 Put & S the Dec 42.5 Put (Put Diagonal Calendar)
  • $JCP with a Dec 7 weekly 17.5/18 Collar
  • $T
  • $DVA (& own the January 120/110 Collar)
  • $SYY
  • $VFC (& short the December 160 Call against – a Covered Call)
  • $UA own a December 47.5/60 R/R trade
  • $FOSL own a December 110/115 Call Spread
  • $YUM new position this week. Here are the pieces: S December 65 Put (1/2 pos), S January 62.5 Put (1/2 pos), and L the January 70/72.5 Call Spread

On the Short side:

  • $GRPN (& own a December 3 Call)
  • $ANGI
  • $FOSL own a December 75/70 Put Spread (a Look Both Ways play, see long piece above)
  • $KKD own a December 9 Bear R/R
  • $REGN was a L position last week but has morphed into a Bear R/R since selling the long stock piece (the S Call strike was also moved up as price kept climbing). Strikes are now 190/180/155.
  • $TIF own a December 60/57.5/55 Bear R/R

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