Fab 5 – weekly update

I came into this week with 3 positions: $CP $MON $ORLY and a very small candidate list. I did not find a comfortable entry on any positions from the this list so there were no new positions added.

The only action in the basket of stocks was with $MON which hit my stop on 12/3 for a small gain. I left it on the candidate list however and did re-enter on 12/6 at $89.3 (see this post for what I was using as a trigger). I also added some Option pieces to the $CP & $ORLY positions.

Here is the Summary:

Candidate List: $AGN $ARG $CNI $HYG $MCK $TWC

Correction on 12/10: In the Options section for $ORLY I note it as an 85 Put but it is reflected correctly in the Notes section – I am long the 90 Put for December.

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