The Fab 5 – weekly update

I came in to this week with 3 positions in the basket: $CP $MON $ORLY. The position in $CP performed well, becoming the 23rd position to reach the Complete Status for the $100 Roll. I have left the stock in the basket as it is accompanied by a December 100/95 Collar (which will need to be dealt with this week). No new positions were added so 2 empty slots remain.

$ORLY price is under the initial entry, but the December 95/90 Collar is protecting the loss of gains on the underlying stock position:

I made a tactical change in the $MON position as the 2nd long entry continued to fail to hold the $91 level. This change was made on 12/12 and involved initiating a January 90/95 Call Spread – with proceeds from selling the December 87.5 Put.

Here is the Summary:


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