December Options expiration – judgement day

I have several trades with December Option pieces remaining that I am managing today. Several from the Monday post have been closed, here is what remains:

Regular Trades

$DDD Long stock with Short December 50 Call (Covered Call). Call is ITM with a bid/ask of 1.00/1.15 (sold for 1.30 on 12/18, 1/2 position).

$SWHC December 12 short Call looks to expire. Remain Long the Jan 12 Call (good luck with that, lol).

$PAY has drifted under the $29 strike, the Put is slightly ITM but just observing it for now (likely called away, fine by me). The Long 30 Call (other piece of Bear Collar) looks to expire worthless. Trade is tied to short stock from 31.35 on 12/14.

Fab 5

$CP I am long the stock with a December 100/95 Collar. I expect this position to be called away – $100 Roll already Complete – so I am fine with that.

$ORLY I am long the stock with a December 95/90 Collar. The Long Put currently has a bid/ask of .10/.20 and the Short Call is OTM (so expect it to expire).


ITM = In the Money

OTM = Out of the Money

One thought on “December Options expiration – judgement day

  1. Update on what I did on Friday with remaining December Option pieces: BtC 50 Call in $DDD for $.35 for +$.95 – remain Long the stock in the LT account. $SWHC Short December 12 Call expires (poof, as expected). $PAY Short stock position is called away (poof, as expected) & Long Call expires worthless (as expected). Fab 5 position $CP was called away & the Long Put goes poof (as expected). StC December 90 Put in $ORLY at $.25 & the Short Call goes poof, as expected.

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