Position Updates – 12/22/2012


Note: new or position changes from prior week are in italics

On the Long side:

  • $JCP (with a January 22/20 Collar)
  • $T
  • $DVA (& own the January 120/110 Collar)
  • $SYY
  • $DDD
  • $N
  • $EWW
  • $SPRD
  • $SWHC (Long Jan 12 Call)
  • $KONG (January 5 Call)
  • $ORCL (Short the January 33 Put, bullish/neutral piece of January 33 Straddle Sale from earnings)

On the Short side:

  • $GRPN
  • $HLF (from 12/19, with a December 28 weekly 27.5/30 Bear Collar on 12/21)
  • $ORCL (Short the January 33 Call, bearish/neutral piece of January 33 Straddle Sale from earnings)
  • $RIMM (Long the January 11/4 13.5 Put Calendar from earnings)

The Fab 5 positions are noted in my weekly update post for that basket of stocks. The post on the ETF Short pairs trade forĀ  $TNA / $TZA & $FAS / $FAZ will be done at the end of the year when the trades are closed.

One thought on “Position Updates – 12/22/2012

  1. Correction: I am only short the January 33 Call for $ORCL (the Put piece was closed on 12/19 but still noted as open above).

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