Position Updates – 01/05/2013

Note: new or position changes from prior week are in italics

On the Long side:

  • $JCP (with a January 22/20 Collar)
  • $T
  • $DVA (& own the January 120/110 Collar)
  • $SYY
  • $DDD (put on a January 60/55 Collar on 01/02/2013)
  • $N (put on a January 70/65 Collar on 01/02/2013)
  • $EWW
  • $SPRD
  • $SWHC (Long Jan 12 Call)
  • $KONG (January 5 Call)
  • $HLF (01/02/2013, BtO January 35 Call. added a StO January 40 Call on 01/03/2013 to make a Call Spread)
  • $GPS (long on 01/03/2013 at 31.4 – a Uturn long trade. set stop to 32)
  • $FDO (post-earnings trade on January 01/03/2013: StO January 52.5 Put, a 1/3 position. BtO January 57.5 Call, a 1/3 position. Later did a StO January 60 Call & used some of the proceeds to BtC the short Put. now own the 57.5/60 Call Spread for a small credit)
  • $MOS (long stock on 01/04, a post-earnings trade. sold position same day & used some of the proceeds to open a January 11 60/62.5 Call Spread)

On the Short side:

  • $ORCL (Short the January 33 Call, bearish/neutral piece of January 33 Straddle Sale from earnings). long stock triggered at 33 on 12/31 – to hedge the short call.
  • $RIMM (BtC January 4 13.5 Put on 01/04/2013 – since it was due to expire – & StC January 11 13 Put. Now own a January 11 13.5/13 Put Spread from earnings)

The Fab 5 positions are noted in my weekly update post for that basket of stocks. The post on the ETF Short pairs trade forĀ  $TNA / $TZA & $FAS / $FAZ will be done at the end of the year when the trades are closed (working on this, coming soon).

2 thoughts on “Position Updates – 01/05/2013

  1. mid-week trade updates: sold $JCP on trail stop hit on 1/8 so Jan 22/20 Collar becomes a Bear R/R. sold $HLF Jan 35 Call, remain S the Jan 40 Call with a L stock pos as a hedge. $GPS is closed. moved the Jan 11w 60 Call on $MOS to the Jan monthly, will leave the S Jan 11w 62.5 Call to expire. $ORCL called away so the straddle sale trade is now closed.

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