Don’t gamble, increase your odds with a Volume Bar Buy signal starring Wynn Resorts

GamblingGiven the busy atmosphere in Vegas last week for New Years, it appears that it remains a popular choice for entertainment for many. One place that I visited was the $WYNN properties and did find it interesting to see how different the traffic was between the Wynn casino versus the Encore.

However, when it comes to trading the stock, I prefer an greater edge from a probability stand point. To accomplish this, one can take many approaches but how about we take a look a simple approach: the volume bar buy signal.

Here is a Daily chart of $WYNN showing 6 buy points:


  • Buy the first Green candle after 5 Red volume bars in a row
  • Use an appropriate stop for your trading process

Based on a 1% trail stop, 2 of the 6 would have stopped out with a very small gain. The other 4 would have had better than 10% gains.

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