January Option expiration – the plan

I have a large number of trades involving January options that are set to expire next week on the 19th. With that in mind, I like to formulate a plan ahead of time for each trade in order to prepare for a variety of scenarios that can play out.

Here are the current trades with January options:


  • $SWHC Long the January 12 Call. can you say poof?
  • $FDO Long the January 57.5/60 Call spread. Will likely focus on getting value for the L piece, the 57.5 Call.
  • $MOS Long the January monthly 60 Call and short the January 11 weekly 62.5 Call (expect this to expire, and it will).
  • $WFC I am long the January 35 Call

Regular trades

  • $SVXY I am short the January 62 straddle and long the stock as a hedge (at $73). I have a $18.20 cushion in the trade so far so $7.20 is protected here (stock called away on 1/11 so only the short Put remains).
  • $DDD I am long stock with a January 60/55 Collar. This is volatile this week but is currently hovering around the capped Call strike (It ends the week capped).
  • $N I am long stock with a January 70/65 Collar.
  • $DVA I am long stock with a January 120/110 Collar.
  • $CRUS I am long stock with a S January 32 Call (covered call)

Fab 5

$MON I own the January 90/100 Call Spread and the 97.5 Put


2 thoughts on “January Option expiration – the plan

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  2. As of Thursday, January 17 I still have $SWHC $CRUS $DDD $N $DVA Option pieces left to attend to for my accounts. 3 of these are Collars, 2 look to expire and 1 is capped.

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